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Camp details!

Hello freshmen who have signed up for Arts Camp 2012: Artspocalypse! Please refer to the following for details that you will need for the camp! (:

Packing List
Please download this [packing list] to see what you will need to pack for the camp! (:

Questions about camp

Hey incoming campers! Camp is only 6 days away, and we are sure that you are just as excited about it as we are! (:

We have received a number of similar queries, and we will clarify them here in case there are more of you out there who have these same questions.

What is party attire?
For guys, we recommend a minimum of smart casual -- do look your best! For ladies, we recommend an outfit in which you are comfortable looking fabulous in. (:

What is the swimwear for? What happens if I cannot swim?
The swimwear is for you to wear beneath your clothes when we head to the beach. If you are comfortable going to the beach without any swimwear, you need not bring them.

Also, there will not be any swimming involved, so please do not worry if you are not proficient at swimming. (:

What should the gift be?
We advise that the gift should be generally usable by anyone. Also, do note that the recipient will be someone of the opposite gender!

If you have any other queries, do feel free to contact us at! (:


Slots opened up for GUYS only

Hello all! We bring some good news today! Due to overwhelming response from guys who have missed out on registration due to various difficulties, we will be opening up only 19 more slots for guys for Arts Camp 2012!

Registration will be at Wendy's @ Liat Towers on June 4, next Monday, from 1PM to 3PM. Note that this will be the last registration period for Arts Camp 2012. If you wish to sign up for the camp but are unable to make it for this registration period, you may wish to ask your friends to help you register. (:

Please kindly bring all necessary documents for registration:
[1] Registration form
[2] Indemnity form
[3] Photocopy of proof of acceptance into NUS
[4] Payment of camp fees of $75

See you next Monday guys! (:


More updates after 2nd round of registration!

Hi all!

Many of you have signed up today, and there are very few slots left for tomorrow!

Specifically, there are 4 slots for girls and 37 slots for guys left.

So come down early tomorrow to snap up the remaining places if you do not want to miss out on attending Arts Camp 2012! (:


Registration 2nd round!

Dear incoming freshmen, please kindly note that registration will be at Starbucks @ Liat Towers tomorrow (May 26) and the day after (May 27), from 12PM to 5PM! (: Do come down early to register as places will be snapped up fast, based on past years' experience.

Remember to bring all the necessary documents, and see you soon! (:



Hi all!

After the first round of registration, many vacancies have been taken up -- almost half! -- and we will be accepting registrations next on May 26 and 27.

We strongly encourage you to sign up early to avoid disappointment and missing out on opportunities to forge many new friendships amidst much fun before the semester proper starts! The people you will get to know will likely be the ones you will find yourself going to lectures and tutorials with, hanging out after school with, coming back to next year's Arts Camp with.

At the same time, you will get to know seniors during the camp who will help guide you through the early stages of university life. Seniors come back year after year because Arts Camps -- touted as the best NUS freshmen camp -- have been the repositories of many sweet memories for them, and they return hoping to make it just as great, if not a better, experience for you! (:

Help us to help you, and fill in this form *here* to register your interest in joining the camp. Note that this form is not considered registration, and it does not reserve you a place in the camp! However, it will allow us to contact you should the availability of vacancies be running low or zero, so that you will be alerted and not make a wasted trip to town. Hence, do register early whereas possible!

We realised that there were technical mistakes in the link we provided above. The problem has however been fixed! Our apologies for any inconvenience caused!



16 June to 20 June, Saturday to Wednesday

When will registration close?
Registration will close by June 2 or when all vacancies have been filled up, whichever is earlier! We cannot guarantee the availability of slots on any of the later sign-up dates, so please do register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

Is it possible for me to make the payment on another day, or at the start of the camp itself?
You may complete the rest of the registration process without payment, and we will try to reserve a place for you. However, payment is required for us to complete your registration and ensure your place in the camp. In the event that there are other interested matriculating students who are able to complete the entire registration process with payment, it will be up to our discretion as to whether your vacancy will still be reserved. Hence, we advise and will appreciate that you make the payment when you submit the forms and the proof of entry into NUS FASS (:

I will not be free on any of the registration dates. Is it possible for me to submit the forms online, and make the payment via bank transfer or iBanking?
We will be accepting payment only in cash. You may wish to seek the assistance of a friend in submitting the forms along with the payment if you are unable to do so personally. However, if that too is not possible, you may wish to send us a mail at and we will try to find a way for you to complete the registration process (: Do note that your registration on a separate date will still hinge on the availability of vacancies!

May I request to be put in a certain house or OG along with my friends?
We will take note of your request and try to work something out. However, please do understand that it might not be possible due to administrative difficulties. Moreover, Arts Camp is a time for all of us to make new friends, so do take the chance to get to know as many people as possible. There will be many opportunities to interact with other campers, so you'll be able to meet your friends during the camp anyway!

Can my friends who are matriculating into other faculties join Arts Camp too?
Yes, we welcome your friends who are interested in joining THE camp of the year to do so. However, please understand that students who are matriculating into FASS will be priortised. An important point to note is that your friends who are not matriculating into NUS will not be able to join Arts Camp!

If I have other queries, how can I contact you?
There are various channels through which you can contact us! You can tag your queries on twitter @artscamp2012, ask your question(s) on Formspring at the top-right of this site, or e-mail us at!